Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next Al-Tharaya (Al-Sharteen) Start 12 May - Duration 13 day ، Summer
  • Red Sea Next Al-Tharaya (Al-Bateen) Start 25 May - Duration 13 day ، Summer
About Maritime Transport Sector
About Maritime Transport Sector

About Maritime Transport Sector

Egypt is a maritime country that has a remarkable geographical location on the junction of three continents and has coasts up to 2000km on the Mediterranean and the Red Sea which allowed its connection with the foreign world since ancient ages. Moreover a vital artery – Suez Canal- passes through its land linking the East to the West which is Suez Canal . The foreign seaborne trade volume of Egypt represents about 90% of the Egyptian foreign trade volume. Since the maritime transport process became a complicated industry it was indispensable to develop this industry through a well-defined strategic goal.

The Sector strategy

The effective contribution in the Egyptian national economy and the Egyptian foreign trade through creating efficient cadres capable of influencing the decision makers in the field of maritime transport on the international level.

MTS Objectives

 MTS Objectives

Setting the objectives and the policies of the authorities, bodies and entities, following up their application and coordinating between them. Developing the Egyptian sea ports in order

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Main Tasks

 Main Tasks

The Presidential Decree No.57 for 2002 was Issued for The Organization of The Ministry of Transport and Specified Among Its Objectives The Following Developing the maritime transport facili

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Maritime Transport Activities

 Maritime Transport Activities

1 Maritime agencies 28 Yacht Building and dry dock Companies 2 Container Companies 29 Generators and Maritime Equipment Companies. 3 Maritime Transport Companies 30 Multimodal

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Definition of Some Works Related to Maritime Transport General Cargo All kind of cargoes loaded or unloaded on ships whether packed or not packed or containerized except for dry bulk and liq

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