Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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  • Mediterranean Sea Next El-Nokta Winds Start 18 June - Duration 2 days ، Hot
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2015-12-29 13:33:00
  Arab academy for science technology and maritime transport AAST, one of the specialized organizations affiliated to the Arab League, has organi
2015-12-28 14:21:00
Admiral, Mohamed Youssef, head of land and maritime transport holding company, stated that companies affiliated to the holding company will participat
2015-12-28 14:19:00
Prime minister, Sherif Ismail will visit next Tuesday 29 December, governorates such as Port Said and Damietta, this after the change in some governor
2015-12-28 14:17:00
   Ashraf Salman, investment minister has witnessed the signature of a contract between Alexandria container handling company and internatio
2015-12-28 13:57:00 | Section Name : Suez Canal
 Vice admiral, Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority said that the navigational channel of the Canal has witnessed during the past 11 month
2015-12-28 13:51:00 | Source : Transport Ministry site | Section Name : Maritime Ports
  Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister has visited Dekheila port where he received admiral Fathi Taha, charge’ d’affaires of Alex po
2015-12-22 12:55:00
   Vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority has received today Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister   He assured
2015-12-21 14:21:00
   Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister has met with his Saudi counterpart at the cabinet headquarters, this comes within the framework of
2015-12-21 13:36:00
Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister has held a meeting with Dr. Sahar Nasr, international cooperation minister to promote transport services develop
2015-12-20 12:39:00
 Mohamed Bosehaky, Maritime Commercial and Ports manager-transport ministry has declared a plan for attaining 18steamboat with a financial cover
2015-12-20 12:35:00 | Section Name : General Strategic target for Maritime Transport Sector
   President Sisi has assured on the importance of accomplishing rehabilitation and development projects of Egyptian ports especially the si
2015-12-07 14:34:00
Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister met today Monday with Bernilli Cardle, Denmark ambassador in Cairo The meeting has dealt with cooperation oppor
2015-12-07 14:28:00
President Abd ElFattah  Sisi   met with Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister. Ambassador Alaa Youssef, presidency spokesman stated th
2015-12-06 13:17:00
Egyptian ambassador in Lebanon Dr. Mohamed Badr ElDeen Zaied has met Lebanese transport Ghazy Zeaatar, where they have debated bilateral relationships
2015-12-06 13:14:00
 Suez Canal authority has signed settlement agreement of East Port Said region with International Container Company “MAERSK” in Simul
2015-12-06 11:18:00
 Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister took his decision and  fired yesterday admiral Ragab Mahran  security manager of comprehensive s
2015-12-01 14:03:00
   Carlos Holm Losen, deputized member of Suez Canal for Containers has stated that the company will participate in financing East Port Said
2015-12-01 13:47:00
  Admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority assured during signing East Port Said settlement agreement that the side canal for East Por
2015-12-01 13:46:00
 Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister said that maritime transport in Egypt will witness a change during the current stage which will participat
2015-11-28 15:48:00 | Section Name : MTS Sector
 President Sisi continues launching giant national projects for the country development and providing job opportunities for the youth.  Wher
2015-11-28 12:15:00 | Section Name : MTS Sector
Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister in his first statements after reelecting Egypt in IMO executive council said that the competitiveness was harsh
2015-11-24 13:51:00
Ahmed Ibrahim, transport minister spokesperson said that Dr. Saad ElGuoshy will meet with a number of investors in the field of maritime transport fro
2015-11-24 13:49:00
 Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister has left today morning Cairo Airport to London to attend International Maritime Organization “IMO&rd
2015-11-23 14:31:00
 ElGuoshy flies Egypt flag on a new vessel and visits the project of “Natroon valley-ElAlameen” road  Eng. Saad ElGuoshy, trans
2015-11-23 14:30:00
 Dr. Saad ElGuoshy , transport minister has assured on the revision of all legislations and laws supporting vessels’ industry, and that the
2015-11-22 14:30:00
 Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister, stated that maritime transport requires vision and target, and that this transport is in need of cornerst
2015-11-22 14:28:00
 Adel Ellamey, head of transport committee- Egyptian Businessmen Association assured that the ministerial decree number 488 is to be amended as i
2015-11-22 12:20:00
The Indian Cabinet has announced an agreement between India and Egypt on maritime transport, announced Sify, an Indian information and communications
2015-11-17 14:16:00
Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister has received Britain, Germany and Spain  ambassadors and debated with them ways of cooperation in all trans
2015-11-17 14:13:00
Bangladeshi maritime transport minister, Shah Gahan Khan has visited  , accompanied with Bangladeshi vice-ambassador in Egypt Mohamed Shafeek ElR

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