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Transport minister: Cyprus –Egypt cooperation in the field of maritime transport.

Transport minister, Hani Dahi met Cyprus transport minister, Marious Demeter Dedas to debate means of cooperation in the field of maritime transport and coordination between Alex port authority and Cyprus Lemasol port for the exchange of experiences in order to increase trade exchange traffic and participating in permanent development of the two ports different activities.

  The minister has also pointed out that both parties will propagate for the other party’s port and for the free trade zone related to each port, and benefitting from each other experiences in applying modern ports’ technology systems adding that there is coordination between the two parties for making a memorandum of understanding between the two ports activating such coordination.

 Dahi also mentioned that they have already made a preliminary agreement to debate over probability of supporting exports’ voyages from Alex to Lemasol port through European Union program (rapid maritime means2014/ 2020 and exploiting Lemasol port being a hub port for such voyages , he added that many meeting will be held in the coming period to activate such voyages. 

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