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80.000 Tons of Cargo , Gas and 4.000 Head of Cattle arrive at Port of Suez

Elyoum 7

Spokesman of the Red sea Ports Authority, Mr/ Abdelrehim Moustsfa stated that today, the Ports of Suez have received 80.000 Tons of Cargo, and Cattle. He added, in a press release, that port of Zitiyat received today Vessel / EastMed Gas which carried 6.000 tons of Gas transported from the Saudi port of Yanboa . Meanwhile port of  Adabiyah  makes arrangements for receiving Vessel / Laila G which carries 4361 head of cattle  among which 2161 sheep and 2200 camels are transported from Djibouti.  The port also receives Vessel / O.M Bontatis which carries 8000 tons of General Cargo Transported from Jeddah, while Vessel / El-hurrya departs from the port carrying 70 trucks heading for Deibah, and Vessel / Bontica is carrying 12.000 General Cargo heading for Jeddah. He also added that port of  Safaga  has received Vessel  /Agios Nicobus which carries 26 tons of Aluminum transported from Brazil,while the following depart from the port :

- Ferry / El- yousifyah which carries 1595 passengers, 80 vehicles and 30 trucks,

- Ferry / El-Kahirah which carries 1188 passengers, 99 vehicles and 3 trucks,

- Vessel / El-hurrya which carries 40 trucks and one vehicle,

- Vessel / Taba which carries 20 trucks and 9 passengers.

Meanwhile, Port of  Neweiba makes arrangements for receiving Ferry / Ailah which carries 325 passengers and Ferry / Bridge which carries 39 trucks.    

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