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Minister of Transport: A world level cruise passenger terminal at the port of Hurgada to receive giant cruise vessels

Minister of Transport: A world level cruise passenger terminal at the port of Hurgada to receive giant cruise vessels
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The Minister of Transport Engineer/ Hani Dahi reviewed during his visit to the Redsea ports the development projects at ports of Safaga and Hurgada within the ministry`s strategy to update and develop the Maritime Transport system and Egyptian ports. He added that port of Safaga is the most important port serving the upper Egypt as the government has spent over 4 billion pounds on a Road Network to connect the port to the main upper Egypt cities (Qena, Sohag, Asuit) in the frame of a project to develop the upper Eygpt Region. He assured that the project is one of the government`s priorities and there will not be any comprehensive Economic and Social development without developing this region, and the government has ambitious plans for developing the  Road Network in the upper Egypt.

The Minister added that Safaga port locates within 200 -300 km. from these cities, its water surface is 56km. square, the waterway length is 900m., its depth is 15 m. with no need to a breakwater making it a natural navigable port throughout the year .

The Minister stated that Safaga Sea Port is one of Egypt`s most important ports because of its distinctive natural features and its Sea connection  to ports of Dibah and Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabian . The project, which is underway, aims at comprehensively reconstructing the port , developing infrastructure and establishing a modern sea passenger terminal serving one million person per year. 180 thousand square m. has been attached to the port, efficiency and maintenance of the existing berths have been developed. An external waiting station for cars, buses and trucks and a Triptic area have been established as well. A piloting tower with length of 55m. and an executive building on an area of 1200 square m. have been completely established. The total port area after extension is 700 thousand square m. with investments estimated at 230 million pounds , and BOT projects such as establishing the main container terminal at Safaga port have been proposed.

The Minister further reviewed the developing and upgrading works at Hurgada Port stating that it was planned to completely reconstruct the port to become a dedicated passenger's terminal. Berths of 300m.long and depth of 10m., an integrated passengers terminal and a touristic trade center with 150 million pound investments were also established.  Proposed projects depend on attracting cruise ships passing through the Red Sea and on the best economic use of the unique location in the center Hurgada touristic city where all elements necessary for activating the city`s role in receiving passengers and tourists exist.    

The Minister added that a cruise passenger terminal has been established on a world level to receive giant cruise ships to include travel and arrival halls, mall, restaurants and cafeterias on an area of 8000 square m. A Triptic area and a new executive building for port administration have been established as well as totally developing the port `s infrastructure (water – drainage – electricity …) .Stage 1 and 2 of establishing the new berth with a length of 230m. and a depth of 10 m. have been finished, and by the end of stage 3, the port`s length will become 345m. The total development area is 44300 square m., and capacity of passengers' terminal is 700 thousand passengers per year which accommodates the expected growth until year 2030   . The Minister asserted that BOT projects have been proposed( administration and operation of Sea passengers` terminal and its trade center ) 

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