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After 8 years stoppage, transport minister announces operation of navigational passengers’ line Daba’-Port Tawfik.

After 8 years stoppage, transport minister announces operation of navigational passengers’ line Daba’-Port Tawfik.
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Engineer Hani Dahi, transport minister has announced official reoperation of passengers’ line Port Tawfik – Daba’ in the attendance of Suez governor and head of red Sea port authority

  Transport minister has stated that preparation and emergency has been raised at Port Tawfik port for the reoperation of the passengers’ line at Port Tawfik today after a stoppage period of 8 years consequently leading to negative impacts on Suez city and the port’s community there especially Red- Sea port authority which has been negatively affected by absence of tangible revenues resulted from its non-operation.   

  The minister has also pointed out that this decision of its reoperation after a long period comes after the Red Sea port authority has facilitated all obstacles and problems that confronted the line’s operation whether from the vessels’ owners or concerned bodies until they reached the final decision of its operation considering Port Tawfik port a historical port whose establishment date goes back to year 1903 and of a land area of 314 thousand m2, navigational channel of length 1000m and depth 12m and the port consists of 13 berths and warehouses and yards of an area 44thousand and of capacity, after being developed, 1.5 million passenger annually  and 1.5 million cargo tons. \

   Transport minister has also declared that there is a long- range plan for Port Tawfik port besides the activity of passengers and cargoes, this comes within the ministry plan to develop Egyptian ports and which includes establishing, operating and managing international touristic cruise terminal behind the northern berth and also establishing, operating and managing a yacht marina at the entrance of Suez port beside the northern berth and a general cargo terminal;  exploiting Zeiteyat port breakwater  and its hinterland. Dahi also assured that this promising port is the first step for pilgrims on their way to perform their Hajj.

  The minister has also visited Adabeyia port today morning and before the inauguration of the navigational passengers’ line Daba’- Port Tawfik to follow up final development works at the port and which aims at the increase in number of berths, paving the roads leading to the port and applying electronic system inside the port, this comes within the framework of transport ministry to develop Egyptian ports to contribute in the increase of Egypt’s national economy.   


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