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Red Sea port authorities pump 15 million pounds at “Port Tawfik” port.

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Red Sea port authorities have pumped 15 million pounds financing the establishment of a new hall at Port Tawfik port to receive passengers preparing for the reoperation of the port once more.  

  Pointed out that it was decided to inaugurate Port Tawfik- Daba’ line on 18-6-2014 after being stopped for 8years.

 Admiral Hassan ElFallah, head of Red Sea port authority said that the authority was devoted during the previous period to maintaining the port’s halls so that it can be operated again. He also noted that  it was agreed upon with 6 tourist transport companies at Port Tawfik and Daba’ to carry on the transporting process of  passengers and luggages during the seasons of Umra and Hajj; encouraging people to use the new line.  

 ElFallah also declared preparing a ferry by the name of “ElYuSufia” to be operated once the maritime line is launched and pointing out that the ferry “Mahaba” will afterwards be also operated after making sure of the feasibility of the line’s operation which the transport ministry committee is undergoing under the chairmanship of consultant transport minister, Ibrahim Yusuf. Implementing standard ticket for the new line at a cost of one thousand pounds is expected




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