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Under the motto “handicap challenge” Alexandria port receives Kuwait “hope voyage”.

Under the motto “handicap challenge” Alexandria port receives Kuwait “hope voyage”.
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  Alexandria port has received today Saturday 7-7-2014 Kuwait yacht “hope voyage” under the motto handicap challenge; where Dr. Ibrahim ElDemeery, transport minister asked Alexandria port authority to provide all facilities for the entrance of the yacht where it was received by admiral Adel Yassin Hammad, head of Alexandria port authority, admiral Ibrahim Yusuf transport minister consultant ,major general Tarek ElMahedy Alexandria governor, Mohamed Fahd ElMohamed Kuwait deputy ambassador at Cairo and a supreme Kuwaiti delegation.  

 Alexandria port has received the voyage with roses and celebrations where transport minister has declared that Egypt has sent a message to the whole world that it is ongoing implementing its road map. And another message on the occasion of the arrival of “hope voyage” saying that  all of us as Egyptians; people and government are supporting this voyage and the handicapped and their rights Transport minister also added that the role of the port is not only restricted to commercial side and port’s handling works, as some might thought, but also it gives concern to many important issues whether human or social or subjects related to pollution and environment, economy and security settlement, human factor and competitiveness between ports and good relationships with all sides. Thus fulfilling our role in a perfect way depending on basis and modern economic concepts exceling the old ones and within the framework of clear general policies and decrees, where we follow-up strategies confronting past and future challenges so as to promote Alexandria port to cope with every new and innovated, in a critical stage that requires exerting all creative national efforts building our nation’s economy.  Admiral Yassin expressed his joy to receive this civilized hope voyage launched from Kuwait holding an international human message for the sake of the mentally retarded.

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