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Concession period for 30years raised 20% every 5 years AICT contract approved to maintain 4 berths at Alexandria port.

ElMal paper

  “ElMal” newspaper has noticed that the Cabinet has approved the new contract which is to be signed between Alexandria port authority and Alexandria international container terminal “AICT” known by Chinese container terminal   after the Supreme Court nullification of the old contract between them to exploit 4 berths at Alexandria and Dekheila ports.  

  Sources at Alexandria port authority has pointed out that the cabinet has lately referred the  new contact to the State’s Council to be revised; as an introduction to be actually signed maximum during next month.

   The new contracting is for a period of 30years instead of 25years, as was signed in 2006, and the concession, handling, storage and storage yards have been raised to 20% every 5 years.

 This increase of the 20% is to be applicable once the new contract is signed, whereas the current contacting states that the company is to pay 4 dollars for every 40feet container that is handled at the berths besides 3dollars for exploiting every meter of land annually. The concession is to start from 2006 up to 2036, after which the port authority is to turn over the project and the equipment in a good condition; Noting that the nullification was due to low financial return paid by the company to the port authority.  Sources also declared that probably the new contracting will be according to law number 82 for the year 2013 which permits direct contracting between companies and concession owning entities; not restricted with bids and tenders law.

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