Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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Emergency at ports to confront “corona” before Gulf vacations.


    Transport minister Dr. Ibrahim ElDemeery has issued quick instructions for Red Sea port authority to constitute an operation chamber to follow-up season of Egyptians laborers return from the Gulf by sea to spend their summer vacation with their families as from next week.

  Admiral Hassan ElFallah, head of the authority stated that preparations include having emergency to protect the country infection of virus “Corona” especially from those coming from Saudi Arabia; where voyages operators were committed to provide with medicine and required medical care, to cure any cases carrying the symptoms of the disease on board and taking all medical measures before reaching the country he also added that preparations include ports of Safaga and Hurghada concerning voyages coming from Daba’ Saudi port , and Neuweiba’ for those coming from Jordan Aquaba port  and pointing out cooperation has been made between all organizations to forbid any holidays for those working at Customs or passports.  Head of Red Sea port authority also added that now checking and inspection processes are ongoing for all vessels working on such navigational lines to guarantee safety and security of passengers and validity of sailing, he also assured that there are severe instructions for the necessity of facilitating all procedures to ease the  port’s departure  while providing with enough buses going to every governorate.  

  Maritime and land transport holding company has agreed during its general assembly for the renewal for admiral Mohamed Yusuf to remain in his post for another three coming years ; after its affiliated company has achieved successful results  on economic basis despite of all difficulties it had confronted whereas his two deputies Dr.Saied ElKharraf and admiral Mansour ElHalabawy  have been retired.      

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Tackling COVID-19 a voyage together