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Announcing winning alliance of SSC in June

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  Mohab Mameesh, Head of Suez Canal authority and executive chief of Suez Canal corridor SSC said that the winning alliance for the development of SSC project will be announced in the first week of next June instead of last April as was previously decided. He declared that the delay is due to foreign experts, who are to join, claim to wait after presidential elections.  

   This comes during his statements yesterday after inauguration of the two tugvessels “Ibrahim” and “Mokhtar” which have been built by “Eltemsah” company –one of the companies affiliated to Suez Canal – in the attendance of admiral Abd ElKadder Darwish, head of Damietta port authority.

   Mameesh also added that energy represents one of the main challenges in the field of infra-structure of the project, pointing out that studies are currently going on to benefit from both the energy of the wind and the sun besides  water desalination terminals serving the project.

He again stressed on the difficulty of depending on petroleum and gas energy in the Canal Corridor.

    Head of Suez Canal authority also announced the commencement of the expansion and duality of the Canal navigational channel and rising its draught from 66feet depth to 72 feet to cope with the expected increase in the Suez Canal navigation traffic with the commence of SSC development project.

  He also added that Eltemsah company together with other Suez Canal companies will play a vital role in the project; considered the project of Egypt and all Egyptians providing them with job opportunities and assuring that Egypt has all potentials of a modern country with skillful laborers excelling their counterparts in contiguous region, and declaring that this will only be achieved by training and copying with modern scientific advance.

  On the other hand admiral Abd Elkader Darwish, head of Damietta port authority assured that they are thinking of establishing a dredging company in cooperation with Suez canal authority to serve the national objectives and reaching globalization; providing services out boarders in the coming period while pointing out that there will be cooperation with Suez canal authority companies for the dredging of Damietta port and building tug vessels for the port.






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