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Edko fishermen claim a port on the Mediterranean.

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Corrosion has affected the fishing region of Edko city on the Mediterranean coast for an area not exceeding 2Km, this comes as a result of expansions made by gas companies existing on Edko shores which were about to do away with the rest of the area but residents and fishermen have confronted this and despite Edko’s fishing reputation, number of fishing boats was very limited, working in a preliminary way earning the living of many families there. Fishermen there not only suffer lack of fish quantities near the shore as a result of sea pollution but they suffer more when they reach the shore and try to get the loaded boat out of the sea and pulling it on the sand-shore because  of the non- existence of a fishing port or berth there. On the other hand, they cannot leave it in the water to be either exposed to license withdrawal by coast guards or to sea waves where it will not survive and be wrecked.

IMO Secretary-General

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