Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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Under the auspices of transport minister and for security and safety preservation, “ElKahera for ferries” practices evacuating ElKahera ferry at Hurghada port.


    Under the auspices of Dr. Ibrahim ElDemeery, transport minister “ElKahera for ferries” company has practiced evacuating ElKahera ferry from passengers through one of the terminals at Hurghada port in the Red Sea governorate. This comes within the framework of the ministry’s keenness to rise and develop crisis management system and providing the factor of security and maritime safety for the Egyptian citizen on board of swift ferries travelling between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, thus applying international code of rapid ferries.


  The minister has announced that during this experiment practical training has been implemented for the crew and passengers simulating a complete maritime salvation operation, he also assured the necessity of provision of all means and factors of security and safety on board ferries achieving highest performance in accordance with international conventions and laws and decrees regulating works whether of operating companies or of those owning ferries. And also in accordance with secure maritime management criterion, adding that the ministry has set several standards and criterion for maritime safety.  


   On the other hand admiral Hussein ElHarmeel head of board of directors of Elkahera company for ferries and maritime transport has assured that the company is keen to follow-up modern scientific techniques confronting any emergencies and securing ferries declaringing that the company has a data center equipped with high technological techniques to pursue the ferry’s voyage from the minute it takes off until its arrival. He also declared that the company not only qualifies its crew but it also undergoes practical training to keep the standards of performance, examines equipment, implements required maintenance according to international treaties and conventions