Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next Almorbaaniya (El-Eklil) Start 7 December - Duration 13 day ، The beginning of the cold
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Faydah Al Saghera Start 19 December - Duration 5 days ، Accompanied with rains
Red Sea Ports Authority
Red Sea Ports Authority

Petroleum Dock port

Natural Characteristics

Time Zone GMT +2
Wave Code (VHF) 12 16
Weather Prevailing winds are North and north west
Water Density 1.04 g/cm3
Raining Season Winter
Tidal range and flow 1.2 m. to 2.1 m.



Long 32 o 31.8 / E
Lat 29 o 57.2 / N


Port Description


The port is located on the Eastern part of Suez-port on the northern side of Suez Gulf at the Southern entrance of Suez Canal.

Port Specifications

Water Area 158 km2 (158073000) m2
(It is a mutual area among Suez, Adabiya and Petroleum Dock Ports)
Land Area 1.16 km.sq 1160000 m.sq


Maximum Capacity:

  • Liquefied Bulk: 4.14 million ton
  • Working hour : 24 hours daily