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MTS Departments
MTS Departments

Administrative Affairs' Administration

The administrative affairs administration, which consists of:-

  • Administrative Services Department.
  • Interior Services Department.
  • Headquarters Affairs Department.
  • Personnel Care Department.
  • Controlling the Inventory Department

Administrative Services Department, which is specialized in the following:-

  • Supervising the general secretariat and archive works.
  • Supervising works of the incoming and outgoing mail relating to the general department of the sector.
  • Reviewing administrative certificates, estimating the required fees and authenticating them from the competent authority.
  • Supervising the operation, maintenance and repairing of the sector's vehicles and authenticating the cashing demands of fuel and consumed tools.
  • Working on providing all specialized offices with the necessary furniture, tools and maintenance works, distributing their custodies on the specialized persons, and bookkeeping the records organizing that.
  • Paying rent invoices of buildings, telephones, telexes and water and electricity services for the buildings, which the sector runs.
  • Suggesting the interior distribution for places in cooperation with the general administration for organization and administration in the sector.
  • Supervising photocopying and printing works.
  • Supervising stationary and cleaning tools warehouse in the general department of the sector.
  • Supervising the operation of facsimile machine.
  • Following-up the attendance of the Health sector workers periodically to purify buildings of insects and infectious diseases.

Interior Services Department, which is specialized in the following:-

  • Supervising service works relating to maintenance, cleaning and overhauling works of the sector's building.
  • Providing a suitable number of office boys and preparing them with the necessary cleaning tools.
  • Organizing office boys' works and distributing them among the offices of the sector's general department.
  • Setting telephone and telex service system which guarantee best performance and distribution of shifts and preparing the instructions and duties which the on duty man should follow in case of emergency and providing him with the names and addresses that he might need to contact in the case of necessity.
  • Setting shifts for office boys' works in the sector.
  • Taking procedures relating to installing, transferring and removing office telephones.
  • Making periodical maintenance for typewriters and calculators.
  • Working on dealing with shredded paper and preparing means of getting rid of them.
  • Supervising the cleaning of the building and its appearance in the suitable appearance.

Headquarters' Affairs Departments, which is specialized in the following:-

  • Supervising the internal and external appearance of the sector's building as to be in its best appearance.
  • Suggesting the suitable means and designs to prepare and decorate buildings from inside, their entrances and gardens attached to it and supervising the implementation of the operations relating to them and forestation, planting garnish beds and assorting them in the right technical way.
  • Suggesting the organization and determination of building entrances and halls, and places where individuals and vehicles enter and supervising its assorting in the right technical way.
  • Designing and choosing suitable colors for painting the building from inside and outside to cope with the work requirements, conditions and the right taste and supervising the implementation of these designs taking into consideration committing to them.
  • Using the empty spaces in front of and around the building and suggesting suitable ways for that.
  • Designing guiding charts to achieve the needs work require.
  • Suggesting the right planning of the furniture style from different levels and this to consider while supplying the sector with them.
  • Designing a light distribution system inside the sector's building and supervising its implementation.
  • Suggesting suitable technical styles for the building's façades in national occasions and national feasts and supervising their implementation.
  • Participating in setting suitable modifications for the sector's building and the way of putting partitions in a way that achieve the best use of available spaces and required aesthetical view.
  • Participating in the determination of the special bases and needs of the sector when designing its new buildings.
  • Suggesting the interior distribution of places in cooperation with the general administration for organization and administration in the sector.
  • Insuring the cleaning of the building, roads, utilities and floors and also furnishing, furniture and other used equipments.
  • Insuring the best use of water and electricity and setting the plans of rationalizing consumption.
  • Supervising the building maintenance and the internal service works regarding cleaning, water and electricity.

Employees' Care Department, which is specialized in the following:-

  • Establishing nurseries for children and providing them with the necessary supervisors to manage it.
  • Working on establishing cooperative societies in work headquarters in cooperation with the competent bodies in the country.
  • Working on providing means of transportation for employees to and from the work headquarters.
  • Working on providing and developing the medical care system for employees and their families in accordance with the planning set in each unit.
  • Spreading sports activity among employees, creating sport teams and supply them with coaches and supervisors and organizing the participation in sport competitions.
  • Facilitating employees' subscription in sport and cultural clubs, and vocational associations in cooperation with these bodies.
  • Organizing intellectual symposiums, establishing intellectual competitions among employees in the body and increasing the encouragement for intellectual and literary productivity among them.
  • Establishing and organizing summer resorts for the sector's employees and organizing the participation of employees in them with low fees.
  • Organizing entertaining group trips for employees and their families in vacations and holidays.
  • Facilitating visits of museums, antiquities, country's different monuments for the sector's employees and introducing them to the development and advancement phases in social, industrial, agricultural fields and others.
  • Working on establishing a private club for the sector's employees and equipping it with entertaining and recreational means for employees and their families in their spare time.
  • Facilitating the entrance of employees to theatres affiliated to the public sector by obtaining group discounts in the sector to follow-up theatrical production and folklore movement in the country.
  • Organizing low fees' participation in different occasions whether weddings or illness or in showing condolences.
  • Encouraging the participation of employees in cooperative societies for accommodation or establishing a private cooperative society and assisting them in establishing and spreading phases and facilitating means of contacting and obtaining services form various specialized governmental bodies.
  • Encouraging employees to form social liability associations or boxes in various fields, paying the initiatives of employees in establishing these boxes and associations, supporting their activities and organizing the cooperation with them.

Controlling the Inventory Department:-

  • Studying the estimation of the actual needs and also calculating the consumption rate for each sort with quantity and value in cooperation with specialized technical bodies.
  • Categorizing subjects and tasks and numbering sorts according to the United Arabian Categorizing Index for products and determining the levels of storage and minimum and maximum limits for every sort.
  • Performing inspection and inventory periodically and annually, saving the records for controlling stock in value and quantity, preparing statistics and necessary data to follow-up and control the inventory, explaining the reasons for its stagnation and following-up the implementation of the purchase orders.
  • Handling the objective control and supervising the technical sides of warehouses affairs, saving sorts, determining stagnated inventory, categorizing and tabulating them to search for the possibility of using it before purchasing new sorts or working on getting rid of them.