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MTS Departments
MTS Departments

The General Administration for Financial and Administrative Affairs

  • Implementing laws, decisions and financial regulations that vouch for setting surveillance upon spending the sector's money and collecting its dues.
  • Preparing budgets, final calculations and reports relating to them.
  • Following-up the implementation of budgets and bookkeeping the financial commitments book.
  • Reviewing financial documents relating to expenditures and incomes and performing financial adjustment after checking its safety.
  • Organizing the book group and implementing the charge account in it.
  • Preparing data relating to different accounts balances and demanding for the sector's dues before anyone else and paying the due sums on the sector.
  • Preparing and providing data about the financial situation for the activities of the general department of the sector from the incomes and expenditures side, classifying them and informing the competent bodies.
  • Performing the necessary procedures to obtain the needs and required sorts for the sector, buy and distribute them.
  • Reviewing reports of the central accounting system and replying to them.
  • Supervising administrative services, general secretariat, saving and telex works, telephone, bookkeeping ministerial decisions and administrative orders record, receiving incoming correspondence and classifying it, bookkeeping custody of the republic's seal and governmental mail stamps, and custody of the sub-sector, controlling timekeeping of employees, operating vehicles and supervising maintenance of the sector's building.
  • Implementing laws, decisions, regulations and instructions in personnel affairs field and supervising the procedures regarding employment, scholastic vacations, grants and scholarships and preparing the professions' budget.
  • Implementing laws, decisions, regulations and instructions regarding dues, pensions, rewards, and additional wages.
  • Implementing laws, decisions, regulations and instructions regarding promotions and employment on the level of high administration in the sector's general department and systems affiliated to it.
  • Preparing decisions of traveling abroad projects in the official tasks and decisions related to them regarding the sector's general of the sector and systems affiliated to it.
  • Participating in the preparation of workforce plans and the needs of workforce in the sector.
  • Supervising the internal and external general appearance of the sector's building as to be at a convenient appearance.

 Financial Affairs Administration, which is specialized in the following:

  • Implementing authenticated financial policy concerning accounting and budget works and following-up their implementations.
  • Supervising all the financial procedures regarding the safety of the accounting system, financial adjustments, periodical and annual financial budgets, summary accounts and block groups and insuring its conformity with the decisions of laws, regulations and the decided financial systems to agree with the negative accounting assets.
  • Following-up all the financial procedures relating to the banks that the sector deals with.
  • Supervising opening and bookkeeping financial records and blocks according to accounting assets, following-up its entries and accrediting statistics, data and lists that show its results.
  • Preparing annual planning budget for the sector.
  • Supervising procedures regarding the financial controlling operations of warehouse accounts and suppliers' accounts and presenting results, analysis and financial indicators to the competent authority with the necessary financial recommendations in this regard.
  • Controlling bank accounts and proving the necessary adjustments between block balances and account lists.
  • Organizing main and sub treasury, following-up work processes relating to them and controlling records and documents whose work is performed according to the financial laws, systems and regulations.
  • Implementing the financial cash commitments, which are required by the decisions of financial laws, paying them in the decided dates, preparing financial memorandum, which the financial situations may require in this regard and presenting them to the competent authority to give an opinion about.
  • Performing daily inventory for the treasury to monitor the cash collection and expenditure operations and also the sudden inventory for owners of cash custodies and advances.

Accounting Department, which is specialized in the following:

  • Preparing planning budget projects and distributing the authentications of different banks on activities in the sector in a way that fulfill their needs.
  • Guiding accounting entries and registering them in expenditures, incomes, trust, custody books and foreign accounts from the actual documents.
  • Bookkeeping records and central incomes of the sector.
  • Performing the necessary accounting adjustments before preparing the accountings and final lists.
  • Preparing closing accounts and budgets relating to the sector.
  • Checking and analyzing the accounts relating to the financial situation of the sector, clarifying the liquidity centers and determining their strong and week points.
  • Receiving, issuing and depositing checks and cash remittance, dealing with banks regarding them and saving the records that clarify that.
  • Reviewing all cash books and records in the sector and insuring the commitment of laws, decisions, regulations, and accounting and financial systems, upon which work is done and conforming incoming data to documents indicating that.
  • Reviewing before and after cashing all the paid sums by the sector, salaries, wages, incentives and rewards from financial and technical sides and insuring its conformity with the regulations and instructions and safety of documents indicating them.
  • Conforming the cash balance with the bank balance and the statements incoming from it on a monthly basis.
  • Performing the reviewing operations of the employees' maturities before and after cashing all the sector's expenditures to insure that it is registered in their books and records in the right way.
  • Registering in the daily cash incoming and outgoing movement lists and performing conformity with the treasury daily income.

Budget Department, which is specialized in the following:-

  • Preparing planning budgets in the light of what the department receives of different activities in the sector.
  • Following-up the implementation of budget clauses and commitments that are done within the limits of these clauses.
  • Preparing planning budget in the decided dates according to the target to plans and timings that determine the target.
  • Preparing periodical reports about the range of the sector's achievements of plan's targets mentioned in the budgets.
  • Informing different controlling bodies of all data required and related to the budgets.
  • Preparing memorandums for dealing with different clauses according to the determination of the financial list in this regard.
  • Controlling the bank unity of expenditure clauses and preparing reports relating to this.

Purchases and warehouses Department, which is specialized in the following:-

  • Setting a plan for preparing warehouses with all the requirements needed for work process in the sector.
  • Controlling local and foreign purchase works, warehouses and coordinating among them for a better and organized workflow.
  • Implementing plans and tasks relating to warehouses' works and purchasing according to the decisions of laws and financial regulation in this regard.
  • Opening and bookkeeping records relating to warehouses and purchases works and controlling them according to the systems set by the general manager of the financial and administrative affairs in this regard.
  • Supervising public auction operations and also all wastes according to what is decided in this regard.
  • Supervising interior and foreign purchase operations and controlling the authentications of documents relating to the incoming requirements of the sector from abroad and the clearance of merchandises' letters incoming from abroad.
  • Controlling the returned and preparing warehouses and ways of dealing with these returned.
  • Supervising the scraping of sorts, tasks and tools in warehouses and supervising the procedures of scraping minutes and the procedures of the public auctions for selling wastes.

Treasury Department, which is specialized in the following:-

  • Performing cashing operations for cash maturities, checks and cashing employees' maturities of salaries, wages, allowances, rewards, incentives and others on the determined dates for that.
  • Opening and bookkeeping the record for registering incoming checks to the sector and preparing incentives of the income from the actual deposit coupons incoming from the bank.
  • Preparing a daily statement of the cash movement balance in the treasury.
  • Depositing prepared trust sums from the employees' maturities because the stop of cashing or the non-attendance of the owner of maturities in the decided dates of cashing.
  • Issuing the receipts of supplying cash and checks.