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The Celebration of the World Maritime Day 2019 Citadel of Qaitbay- Alexandria

The Celebration of the World Maritime Day 2019 Citadel of Qaitbay- Alexandria

The Maritime Transport Sector headed by R. Adm. Ayman Saleh Ibrahim, organized the celebration of the World Maritime Day 2019 in the Citadel of Qaitbay in Alexandria under the auspices of Lieutenant General/Kamel El Wazir the Minister of Transport with the presence of Dr. Abdel Aziz Konsowa- Governor of Alexandria, and Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghaffar the President of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport as well as the chairmen of port authorities and elite of Egyptian maritime experts. The celebration theme this year was “Empowering Women in the Maritime Community”.

The theme launched by IMO this year is linked to the fifth UN Sustainable Development Goal which is Gender Equality.Egypt has made remarkable strides in all aspects related to gender equality which have been translated into significant improvements in all the gender equality indicators. For the first time in Egyptian history, the Cabinet has a total of eight female ministers playing an important and influential role in several fields in a very critical stage. 

In the maritime field women also started to take brave steps in working at sea. She now works as a maritime officer and maritime engineer onboard Egyptian merchant vessels. The number of women working in port authorities and Maritime Transport Sector reaches 1428 females representing about 18% of a total of 8132 females. This number needs further increase during the next period within the framework of the Sustainable Development Agenda- Egypt’s Vision 2030.

R. Adm. Ayman Saleh stated in his speech the main achievements of the Maritime Sector last year namely the new strategy for the Egyptian maritime sector that was developed in October 2018 in order to develop and increase the competitiveness of Egyptian ports and enhance the role of the merchant fleet, the price list of the maritime agencies were published on the website of Maritime Transport Sector starting from July 2018.

Moreover, the first data base of Egyptian maritime legislation and related international conventions was launched for free on the website of Maritime Transport Sector (

In order to attract investments in the maritime field Adm. Ayman pointed out that a package of incentives and discounts was offered in order to attract more shipping lines to call at Egyptian ports and achieve the stability in the maritime community. Therefore, the Ministerial Decrees 416 and 417 /2019 were issued to amend the Ministerial Decrees 488/2015 and 800/2016.

Finally, he announced that the Minister of Transport approved the operation of an Egyptian shipping line from Port Said to Western and Eastern Africa on 15/9/2019 within the framework of the implementation of African Continental Free Trade Agreement.

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