Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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Commercial Ports
Commercial Ports

Port Specifications

Total Area 72.10 sq. km (72.100.000 m2)
Water Area 1.5 sq. km (1.500.000 m2)
Land Area 70.6 sq. km (70.600.000 m2)
Total Customs Zone 33.5 sq. km (33.500.000 m2)
Total Yards Area 0.6 sq. km (600.000 m2).
Maximum Port Length 10 km (western port boundary)
Maximum Port Width 8 km (southern boundary)









Maximum Capacity: 6 million ton/year as follows:

  • Berth length : 2.4 Km
    First phase : 1200m + second phase 1200m
  • containerized cargo: 6 million tons
  • Containers: 2.2 million TEUs ,the volume of containers handled after the completion of the second phase reached 5.1 million TEU
  • Ship of depth up to 14.5m is the maximum ship size that can be accommodated.
  • Working Hours: Throughout 24 Hours.


Navigation Channels

Outer Channel 13 km. length, 250m sea bed width , 350m surface and 18.5 m. depth.
Inner Channel 3.8 km. length, 250m sea bed width, 350m surface , and 16.5 m. depth, can be increased to 17.5m.
Turning Circle 715 m. diameter, and 16.5 m. Depth






Approach Area

The approach area of the port is the area of the Suez Canal Authority in the Mediterranean Sea at hectometer (120 m).


All Pilotage services are carried out on behalf of the Suez Canal Authority.


The Suez Canal Authority provides all kinds of towage services.

IMO Secretary-General

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