Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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Empowering women in maritime community

 International maritime Organization” IMO” has announced that International Maritime Day issue for the year 2019 is “Empowering women in maritime community”; copying with president Sisi approach giving great consideration to women where her  representation percentage in cabinet has reached 15% , which reflects that current period represents a golden era for women.  

   Hence and due to the sector’s keenness to participate in all IMO activities and also in Women’s league that encourages and empowers Arab Women through improvement of her professional skills and spot light on her effective role in maritime sector, thus the sector has nominated 5 of its employees and from maritime ports’ authorities to attend a training course concerning woman role in managing ports under the auspices of the organization and which is organized by French Port Institute for education and research  IPER during the period from  26/6/-7/7/2017 in participation with LE HAVRE port and the institute administration has chosen MS/ Engy Mahmoud Helmy, from the sector’s employees to attend such above mentioned course.

This to complement follow up beneficiary of such course and present successful stories that distinguish women working in maritime field; where the organization has published C. V of MS/ Engy on her electronic site as an example to be followed  of working  women coming generations in maritime transport  field.

IMO Secretary-General

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