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Mameesh: launching a company to conduct utilities and facilities to projects at SC corridor

Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of SCEZ of the Canal corridor said that the authority will announce launching of a new company to conduct main utilities facilities for projects at the corridor.

 He pointed out that the company will include ElSwedy Group as a reprehensive of the private sector, this to uplift such burden on the state, noting that the company’s mission in the first place is to conduct utilities and facilities  to more than 160 company  investing in the corridor during coming short period.

 Mameesh assured desire of many investors to invest in SC corridor during the coming period and pointing that the authority also welcomes suggestion of the establishment of a Japanese industrial zone amongst the corridor in the coming period.  He also declared that the established 4 tunnels underneath the Canal with a cost of 25 milliard pounds will be inaugurated during 25th Sinai anniversary next April.

 He also pointed out to development of transport logistics network of ports at the Economic Zone and activating and applying  smart transport system and increasing ports’ capacity to transfer Egypt to an international center for transport and logistics and a main link in added value chain; participating in fulfillment of requirements of  State’s economic development plans.   

 He again declared variety in SCEZ investments in coordination with investment and International cooperation ministry and setting best investment incentives and providing with more facilitation for investors there.   

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