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Transport minister: more than 71 milliard pounds for developing 6 maritime ports and Safaga and Nuweiba’ terminals will play an important role in Iraq and Syria urbanization

 Parliament transportation committee headed by MP Hesham Arafat, has opened maritime transport development file in the attendance of Dr. Hesham Arafat who reviwed development plan of maritime ports affiliated to transport ministry and SC Economic authority with a total of about 71.156 milliard pounds amongst which 41.2 millard pounds for maritime ports projects against 29. 88 milliard pounds for SC Economic authority.  

 The minister started by assuring on that maritime transport is Egypt’s real fortune and it’s dangerous to pump great investments without a clear plan for ports.

 He added that being far from dry ports was a big mistake throughout past years though it is a strong backyard for maritime ports and can not work without them, thus there is a plan for the establishment of dry ports in 6th October, Ramadan, Borg ElArab, Sadat and Damieetta cities.  

  He also noted that we did not benefit at all from Egypt international strategic location and here comes the government plan for ports development.   

 Arafat also declared that ports’ development plan includes 3 maritime ports represented in Alex, Damieetta and Red Sea port authorities, in addition to 3 projects affiliated to SC Economic authority represented in East Port Said port West Port Said port and the Economic region west Kantara; pointing out that there is a necessity for development saying:” we are not in the field alone; Turkey and Greece also have competitive ports.

 Transport minister also said that there are 5 main projects within the framework of Alex port development, first of which comes the project of raising and glorifying the role of cargo transport through ports’railways in addition to the establishment of logistic zone of Alex port on Nobaryia canal, establishment of bulk terminal and dry bulk.  

 Arafat pointed also to a plan for the establishment of two big important corridors supporting  Alex port authority, first Dekheila corridor with a cost of about 620 million pounds and is expected to be inaugurated by end of next month, the second is “gate 54” corridor with a cost of about 700 million pounds. He also pointed that they will play a vital important role in facilitating entrance and departure of vessels to and from the port; being working for facilitating traffic in Alex East region. Declaring that one of the privileges is its location near the governorate railway network and assuring that there is a real will towards developing such authority.

 The minister noted that the two terminals will play a vital role in reurbanization and construction of Iraq and Syria specially that Nuweiba’ terminal is locate on the same line of Egyptian Chinese initiative of”the route and belt”, adding that” we participate strongly in this initiative and we will not be a brige for vessels’ only; assuring that Egyptian ports, represented in Alex, Damieetta, Red Sea and maritime safety authority, were capable of achieving a surplus during fiscal year 2017/2018 of about 2 milliard pounds since 3 years time.  The minister also said that we have a treasure called the river port continuing:” definitely if we actually want to develop river transport, we have to direct our attention to Alex and Damieetta ports; which are sites sufficient to develop river transport all over the country.  

 He also showed that cost of urgent projects of logistic centers,dry ports, railways and civil aviation amounts to 38.91 milliard pounds adding that logistic centers and dry ports is represented in 7 main projects:  establishment of  dry port and logistic center at 6th Ocytober city,  establishment of dry port at Borg ElArab city, establishment of a dry port and a logistic center  at Ramadan city, establishment of a logistic center at Saloom region, and pointing that Saloom port will play an important role in Lybia development.

  Arafat continued:” the ministry targets establishment of a railway to link between dry ports which are considered maritime ports’ backyard and declaring that such plan includes many fundamental steps”.

 The minister also talked about Customs performance development system, pointing out to existing problems at ports and Customs performance and which causes delay of cargo at Customs which consequently affects commodities prices at markets, and hence we will have soon and for the first time a general comprehensive strategic plan for Egyptian ports.   

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