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Arafat: international competitiveness with Egypt in MTS is fierce and re structure of the sector soon.

 Dr. Hesham Arafat, transport minister said that maritime transport sector in Egypt needs organization and there is a comprehensive study that we are currently working on for restructure of the whole sector. 

 Arafat said that there is a plan for the development of Damietta port as a whole and implementing second phase of its development with German partners.

 He added that he met with all specialized experts in the sector  to glorify  benefitting from Egyptian maritime commercial fleet and that we perfectly recognize our location amongst ports we compete  with  not only those in the Mediterranean but all over the world.

 He also stressed that maritime transport sector status and ports in Egypt is not bad to that extent and we seek for companies’ flexibility because of such fierce international competitiveness. 

 Arafat also added that there is a study we are currently working on where we study all aspects especially after Egypt participation in ElHarir route with China. 

 The transport minister has also announced adopting “Egypt maritime country” initiative in parallel with the study that transport ministry is currently undergoing

 And assured that the door is open in front of national companies of the private sector to participate in future development plans

 Despite that this time is suitable for launching the mentioned initiative especially that it is a national project not less in importance than roads, housing and education projects.

 Worth noting that maritime expert Mohamed Sherine ElNaggar has pointed that departure of great companies Damietta port, has harmed the port a great deal and we need to set strategies for port management and declared that Egypt must convert to an actual maritime country, not literary, and that sector’s revenues are  rare compared to its status internationally.


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