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East Port Said future in 149 anniversary of SC inauguration

  Simultaneously with the 149 anniversary of Suez Canal inauguration, Economic authority of Suez Canal publish future outlook of East Port Said port, the most important water channel in the Canal.

 This future outlook of the port, entitled the Mediterranean jewel”, includes the following points:

  Ports’ berths reaching a total of 12.4km, this through implementation of second phase of berths of length 5km, besides current port berth of length 2.4km.

 Developing port by deepening its berths to 22m, once implementing its second phase, though the port with its current depth, 18.5m, is considered deepest port in Egypt and this is the final outlook of the berth after accomplishment of dredging works.

 Total land area of East Port Said port is 14 km2, including 9.2 km 2 and current container terminal reaching 1.2, 4.8km2 area; area of logistic zone  decided to be implemented inside the port. 

9.2 km2 of total port land area including 1.2 km2 container terminal, 8km constituting hinter land of new berths at port of length 5km”New phase’


 First phase of the new berth is implemented under Armed Forces Engineering authority supervision; current port depth is 18.5 m; which is biggest depth in Egyptian ports and targeting to reach 22m. 

 East Port Said port is located amongst total area of East Port Said Zone reaching more than 100km2, implementation of an industrial Zone of area 59.5 km2 and a logistic Zone of of total area reaching nearly 24km2

Logistic zones at East Port Said are distributed as follows:

 A logistic area inside the port of 4.8 km2 and two other areas outside the port, one of the logistic areas that are to be implemented outside port; at East Port Said Zone  is the Russian industrial zone of an area about 5.2 km2. 

Commencement of work in tunnels dredging project at East Port Said Zone  was in May 2015. Such tunnels represent a powerful point for East Port Said Zone development project and its importance lie in linking Sinai with Canal countries especially Port Said and also Valley and Delta. 

 Number of Port Said tunnels are two one at the north and other at the West, each reaching  208 km under Suez Canal navigational channel. 


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