Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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Parliament consents “Russian industrial region” at SC corridor.

  The Parliament in its general session has consented on presidential decision concerning Egypt and Russian agreement for the establishment and operation of Russian industrial region at Suez Canal corridor signed between the two governments last May with investments reaching 6.9 milliard pounds during three phases.


 Member of Parliament Abd ElHamid kamal, has objected article 11 of the agreement concerning security of data where he said that it contradicts with the constitution, but Dr. Ali Abd Elaal , head of parliament replied that any agreement has the right  of security because it concerns industries and industry secrets and right of intellectual property which is one of most important rights in any contract and a sterotyped state the convention includes  many of the important industries; whether  electronic or electric devices, wood and catering stuff or industries  for vechiles, tires and medical requirements.   

IMO Secretary-General

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