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All about decree concerning reduction of ports’ dues and berthing by 60% for foreign vessels

 Vice admiral / Mohab Mameesh, head of SC authority and of Canal Economic region has announced decree number 121 for the year 2018 which stated reducing port’s dues, berthing, pilotage for vessels and ferries coming from Economic Region ports especially from East Port Said; biggest Region’s ports and the Mediterranean as a whole.  

 The decree, which Mameesh has announced lately, stated that according to law number 24 for the year 1983 concerning container vessels and ferries coming from foreign ports to East and West Port Said ports  affiliated to SC Economic region, reduction has reached maximum 60%.   

  And here we state decree statement as published on the official page of   SC corridor development economic authority on face book

Here we publish all what u want to know about decree number 121 for the year 2018 concerning reduction of port dues, berthing and pilotage  for foreign vessels coming to Economic Region ports

 The decree concerns all ports of Economic Region

Issued in past October 18 and started to be applicable since published in the official newspaper

The decree provides reductions for vessels of tonnages less than 80 thousand ton with a percentage 30%.  

 Provides with 40% for tonnages more than 80 thousand ton.

  Vessels that handle transit containers “loading - unloading” and whose number increase to more than 50 container provides a reduction percentage 0.03 multiple by number of containers with a maximum of 60%

 Best reduction is provided for vessels based on tonnage or number of containers – but not permitted in all cases    to have both reductions.  

 20% reduction for vessels up to 200 containers

30% reduction for vessels of one thousand containers or less than 80 thousand ton

 40% reduction for vessels of 2000container; more than 80 thousand ton

50% reduction for vessels of 3000 containers

60% for vessels   of 4000 container or more  

  All mentioned reduction percentages is according to number of containers are just guide lines  

 Base of such reduction calculation is sum of 0.03multiplied by number of containers at vessels.    

  The reduction will be calculated   according to actual number of handled containers starting from minimum 50% transit container”   on the vessel in one voyage “loading/ unloading” and with a maximum of 60%.  

 Calculation of tugboats, mooring launch is for every hour  

 Calculations of hours  is from time of existence of “ tugboat- mooring launch “ besides the vessel until finishing its maneuvering  and leaving vessels

 Fraction of an hour is considered an hour.   


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