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Alex port wins best port award in achieving highest revenues surplus

Reda ElGhandour, Alex port spokesman said that the port has won best port award all over the republic in achieving highest revenues surplus, this was during celebrating Global Maritime Day number 70 for the year 2018 under motto” our heritage maritime transport – better future” the award was given to admiral Medhat Attia, head of board of directors of the port.

 ElGhandour has also added that the port has achieved during current year 2017/2018 revenues of value 4.803.163.907 pound against 2.458.975.000pound past year with an increase and surplus, and adding that targeted surplus was of value 1.617.235.000 pound, but Alex port has achieved an actual surplus of value

3.640.320.715 pounds with an increase about 225%than targeted and an increase of 182% than actual surplus for the past fiscal year which was 1.989.334.373.

  Attia has also said that we have succeeded in doubling revenues and surplus for the second year consecutively, pointing out that reasons for such increase in surplus is due to applying electronic controlling system and reducing expenditures and consumption and dispense with some contracts that are of no need and that can be undergone by port’s officials and its cadres and companies and this what the authority follows now to be capable of increasing revenues and surplus and which all goes back to the state’s treasury.  

 Attia has also assured that although the port comes first between Egyptian ports in achieving highest revenue for fiscal year 2018, yet we are not satisfied with it and we are working to double revenue once more during coming year, especially that transport minister gives concern to developing maritime transport sector being one of pillars of national economy.   

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