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Ismail at maritime transport conference today: the government claims permanent development in maritime transport field

 Maritime transport conference of the Euro Mediterranean region has just started few hours ago, the conference is held at Ismailia today and tomorrow in the attendance of government representatives, port authorities and main international organizations and experts in maritime transport field in the region and also international financial corporations and public sector.  


  Sherif Ismail, prime minister, said in his word during the conference that the government is keen to increase effectiveness and transport services performance, taking into consideration environment preservation, pointing out that the Union of the Euro Mediterranean that we are seeking for is to achieve development, power and coherence between the Mediterranean countries. 

 Prime minister has also invited for activating permanent development in maritime transport and logistics fields so that the region can benefit from;   reaching best means for its maritime services development. 

  He also assured that the government is giving great concern to the international competitiveness ability and to the improvement of transport services that cope with Egypt outlook in the year 2030.  

IMO Secretary-General

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