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Transport and business sector ministers debate increase in MT cooperation

Transport minister/ Dr. Hesham Arafat, has met with Khaled Badawy, Business sector minister to debate increasing cooperation between the two sides in the field of maritime transport , this in the attendance of head of Alex port, transport minister maritime consultant and head of land and maritime  transport holding company.


 Both sides have debated, during the meeting, a number of files related to joint cooperation and current challenges. The minister has listened to suggestions and vision concerning reinforcing cooperation between business sector and maritime ports and demolishing obstacles procedures to activate such cooperation; participating in improving working mechanism and developing performance, especially that cooperation between the two sides will participate in the increase of maritime transport sector financial revenues which is considered one of the important feeders of Egyptian economy.


 Both sides have also debated a number of projects that can be fulfilled and activate cooperation in between such as partnership projects in the field of establishing and managing multipurpose terminals  and managing logistic zones and cargo transport through railways and activating river transport.  


 Transport minister has also assured the importance of maritime transport which is considered development trailer, pointing out that maritime ports development plans have been set according to a comprehensive vision for the development of all Egyptian ports for the sake of the increase of transit and containers’ trade and linking them with railways and river transport to encourage cargo transport by trains and river Nile.  


 He also added that the ministry is currently working according to an ambitious plan for the increase of cargo transport by railways and river Nile to lighten the pressure on roads and decreasing transport and roads maintenance expenditures, pointing out that the ministry has succeeded during the second half of the year 2017 in transporting 12.500 container from maritime ports to industrial regions by trains with unprecedented rates.   





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