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Sisi‘s visit to China aims at increasing trade exchange and cooperation in Suez Canal corridor

Ambassador Gamal Bayoumi, secretary general of Arab investors union said that Sisi’s visit to China has many targets in addition to direct bilateral relationships, as Egypt was first country  to admit China as a country  in the year 56 where Egypt made enemies with a number of west countries at the time.

 Bayoumi has also added in Press statements that China is biggest  exporting country in the world and second biggest in the world in importing  and that commercial cooperation  between  it and Egypt  now is fine  and that therew will be cooperation in Suez Canal corridor  and improvement in logistics and the new five ports status  that are to be established  and enlargement in trade exchange volume.

 Also he declared that   benefit of the visit is that it is the first invitation to Egypt to attend  Prix Summit  where Egypt will present  through which  its  development and  investment programs  and propagating for Egyptian tourism through the president Sisi word which takes from ten to fifteen minutes.



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