Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Salloum Start 2 March - Duration 2 days ، Rainy
  • Red Sea Next Scorpions (Saad El-Balaa) Start 23 February - Duration 13 day ، Cold
Tourist Ports
Tourist Ports



Time Zone GMT +2


Long 33 o 40.94 / E
Lat 27 o 24.61/ N


Port Description

Port Description

Location The marina is located inside El Gonah retreat distance 21 km from Hurghada city-red sea government.
Constituents The marina contains 3 docks restricted by land and linked to the sea by the Entrance canal in the water area of the marina there is an island linked to the beach by a metal bridge surrounding the docks.
Berths constructed with blocks surround the docks. There are 3 beaches in the marina.
Construction resolution 141/2003
Port Activity Reception of yachts and entertainment ships of El Gonah Resorts guests. The marina aims at reviving tourism in the Red Sea.


Port Specifications

Total Area 3500000 m2 on the Red Sea coast
water area 70.000 m2
Port Capacity Capable of receiving 120 yachts with the length of 5.6m up to 50 m.


Berth Specifications

Berths detailed data

  • 10 Berths with length of 1333 m and depth varying between 1.6m and 3.5m (externsions 3.5-4.5) made of pre-molded concrete blocks
    • Anchorage berth in the outer dock.
    • Berth in the inner north dock.
    • A berth is constructed on the center island.
    • Berths located in the south inner dock.
  • A New dock for Yachts with a total berths lenght of 633m, to increase the capacity for yachts.

Services and Facilities of the Port


  • The marina is supplied with
      • A pilotage sign and buoys (navigational aids).
      • Waste collection and treatment Station.
      • Fire fighting and pollution combating Equipments.
      • Mineral and Soda water Factory.
      • Fish and Chicken Farms.
      • The nearest search and rescue center is in Hurghada.
      • Supervising security measures of coastal guard.
      • 24 hr security staff.


  • Fresh Water
  • Administrative Building
  • Free marine area
  • Electricity
  • International school
  • Sewage Facilities
  • Television
  • Sanitary sewage
  • Local airport
  • Fuel and Provisioning
  • Play field
  • Passport Building (under construction)



Address El Gonah – Abu Teeg Marina - Hurgada.
Telephone (065) 580073
Fax (065) 580040
Management Orascom for Tourism Development
Address 160 – 26 July Street – El Agouza – Gizah.
Telephone (02) 3015462-3026930
Fax (02) 3440201