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Parliament transport committee: transport minister problems lie in management.. and claims allocating a small sum of its revenues for development and maintenance

 Members of parliament:

Inflation behind decrease in maritime transport revenues during latest years

Maritime transport sector witnesses renaissance and development 6 months ago.

 Maritime transport sector development enables it achieving 50 milliard pound annual profits.  


No doubt maritime transport sector represents a great importance to Egypt especially that it includes many companies that make enormous profit income, yet, this vital sector suffers negligence that led to a decrease in its profit; what made a number of parliament members to attempt rescuing it presenting a claim to prime minister showing intended destruction of the sector by selling companies gaining profit at the sector and other companies and mingling them with one another.

 He also assured in Press statements that the sector used to achieve profit reaching milliard dollars per year in the eighties, but now it does not exceed 300 million dollars per year and that there must be more supervision on it.  MP also claimed allocating sum of its revenues for development and maintenance

IMO Secretary-General

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