Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Kasem Start 4 December - Duration 5 days ، Extern storms
  • Red Sea Next Almorbaaniya (El-Eklil) Start 7 December - Duration 13 day ، The beginning of the cold

Mameesh: stevedoring 35.9 million cargo ton at new Suez canal in June.

Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority, said in Press statements that the Canal navigational channel has received during last June from south direction of the new Canal 35.9 million ton stevedoring cargo in different regions.

 Official reports issued from the authority  have declared that loading regions at the Canal from South direction  “New Canal”  35 million cargo ton have passed from it  during past June , and that Red Sea region  has witnessed unloading of  8 million, 285 thousand ton  southwards.  Whereas East Africa region unloaded 741thousand ton, Arab gulf region 8million, 36 5 thousand ton from south direction. South Asia region 4million, 83 thousand ton, South East Asia 9million, 299 thousand ton, Far east region 4million, 977 thousand ton whereas Australia region  has witnessed unloading of 170 thousands ton.  

Reports has pointed out loading of 5million, 713 thousand ton at East and South East the Mediterranean, and 6million, 69 thousand ton at North Mediterranean region, 3million,477 thousand ton West and south west the Mediterranean during June 2017. Also declared that 5million, 802 thousand ton specified to Black Sea, 7million, 157thousand ton directed to North west Europe and one million, 4thousand ton, 589 thousand ton to America and 2 million, 61 thousand ton directed to other regions.