Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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Mining Ports
Mining Ports

Al Qusayr

Al Qusayr

Time Zone GMT +2
Wave Code (VHF) 16



Long 34 o 17 / E
Lat 26 o 06 / N


Port Description


Al Qusayr Port is 78 km. South Safaga port. It is an open small bay at the south eastern port. There are no barriers or artificial straits in Al Qusayr port. It is an open port with four unlighted buoys and two mooring candles on its berth. There are also two anchors fixed on the rocky bed opposing the berth used for mooring purposes.

Approach Area

Al Qusayr Mountain

It is located 3 miles away on the Northwestern part of the city with 136 m height.


It is located 2.5 miles away on the southwestern part of the city with 218 m height.

Navigation Aids

  • At the Northern Western port of approach area of city, there is old castle debris, which is among the prominent signs.
  • Al Qusayr Mountain of 136 m height appears situated on the northwestern part of the city, 3 miles away.
  • There are also some phosphate shipping equipment located three cables from the north of the city.
  • A tower of 55 m height for storing water appears on the northern part of the city, in addition to a number of masts and a radio of 37 m height, in addition to 4 small rounded stores located near the city.
  • There is also a warning light on the extreme end of the store berth used in warning vessels from the cavalries extended on the sandy coast for more there 360 m.

Port Specification

Water Area 0.03 km2 (27828 m2)

Berth characteristics

2 Berths are at the northern port of Goanh. The Eastern berth is used for Phosphate Shipping. The Western berth is used for small boats.

Berth Equipments

2 small mechanical lifting cranes (one electrical, the other manual) and 1 tugboat of El Nasr for mining company for vessel pilotage during entry, departure and mooring.

Productivity Rate

  • Shipping rate reaches 7000 tons / day.
  • The port receives vessels up to 10000 Tons GRT.


Address El-Nasr Mining Company. 23, Talaat Harb St. Cairo.
Telephone (02) 3927224-3929882.
Fax (02) 3931765.


Data source:central department of spcialized ports and marine environment